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What We Do

Precision Sheet Metal Design & Engineering. Since 2003

What We Do at F1 Manufacturing

We make ferrous and non-ferrous metal, work for you. Together, we can transform your idea, or existing design, into a cost efficient and high-quality sheet metal finished product. We also know that you may have some of the capabilities “in house” so are completely flexible on what processes you want us to carry out.

Design for Sheet Metal Manufacture

Our skilled team of experienced designers take your sketch, engineering drawing or full 3D CAD model and transform it into an optimal design for sheet metal manufacture, ready to be imported into our CNC facilities, for prototyping or volume production.

Prototyping Products at F1 Manufacturing

Often overlooked by most sheet metal fabricators, our experience and ability to produce full working prototypes, to a high cosmetic finish, is valued by many of our customers.

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Our industrial CNC laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting complex shapes with outstanding speed and accuracy up to material thicknesses of 15mm. The operation is efficient and cost-effective, even at low volumes.


Our CNC punch machines, fitted with an autoloader can produce high volume “lights out” flat sheet metal items, up to 8mm thick, in a cost-effective manner.


With bend lengths up to 3000mm and sheet thickness up to 8mm, or range of CNC folding equipment is extremely versatile and effective; from prototypes to higher volumes.

Studding & Inserts

The full range and types of mechanical and welded fixings are available. Our design for manufacture experts can help guide you to the optimal fixing choice for your assembly.

MIG & TIG Welding

With up to 16 welding bays fitting out with MIG and TIG facilities, manned by experienced welding engineers, we produce assemblies, to the highest standards, on virtually all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Linishing & Graining

Dressing or re-graining welding assemblies to high standards of surface finish is an extremely important process to achieve the desired cosmetic outcome.

Powder Coating (Painting)

Our “in house” powder coating department produces exceptional levels of finish and quality. With our established partners we can also offer many other finishing services such as polishing, plating and anodising.

Silk Screen Printing

Our specialised silk-screening operators can generate, replicate or import your multi-coloured artwork before skilled and experienced staff print onto your fabricated and painted items.

Assembly (Mechanical and Electrical)

To allow you to focus on your core business, we can also assemble your product for you, either in continuous Kanban or batch sizes that suit your supply chain and inventory.